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Our Story

A young starry-eyed student fell in love with design and architecture in 1973 and as they say, the rest is history!  Sue Gorman began her career in the Europe division of the US Army’s architectural programming and planning department in Frankfurt, Germany.  Through the years, she gained valuable experience working with the best architects, furniture dealers and furniture manufacturers in Houston and Austin.  One of the best experiences was when Sue moved to Atlanta, working for Knoll International to take charge of the furniture procurement and installation of the Coca Cola Office Tower.  Oh, the stories she can tell you about Coca Cola and the trucking industry!  Upon completion of this project, Sue moved back to Austin to continue her career with Knoll.  Any given day, you could see her driving around South Texas in her big Buick, affectionately called the Knoll Mobile, full of chairs and literature.  She made the decision to give up driving across South Texas and began a long-term collaboration with ICF Group in Houston's Innova Design building, where she remained in until its closure in 1994. At that point, Sue became an independent manufacturer rep in Houston keeping ICF Group and adding to her portfolio manufacturers that are still part of the current line listing today.


After many years of furniture presentations, sample chair deliveries, and attending industry events, Sue retired in 2017.  She welcomed Ryan and Frances Stites into her company to take over the reins.  With this change, the name became Stites Gorman Associates, preserving the highly recognizable SGA to this day.

Our Team


Ryan Stites

Ryan began his career in the contract furniture industry after college graduation and has become his lifestyle and passion. He has worked with leading manufacturers and owned his own rep business in the past.  He, along with Frances, took over the reigns of Sue Gorman Associates in 2017.

Ryan enjoys exercising, golf, boating and beach vacations. The Stites Duo volunteers by picking up litter on the beach.  They proudly wear their 4 Oceans Group bracelets made of recycled materials from the ocean and beaches.


Grace Roten

Grace has over a decade of contract furniture experience working on the manufacturer, dealer and rep sides of the business.  She is passionate about curating spaces that empower organizations to thrive. Her focus is on sales.

Grace gives back to her community by volunteering her time and resources towards the Montgomery County Conroe Animal Shelter.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, exercising and spending time with her husband and their furry baby Shih Tzu, Marty.


Frances Stites

Frances was introduced to the  contract furniture industry in 2017 when they took over Sue Gorman Associates in 2017.  Her previous experience of sales were with multiple world-wide food companies. She has become a customer service driven furniture expert with a smile and positive attitude.

She enjoys exercising, gardening, boating and relaxing on a beach with Ryan.  The Stites Duo volunteers by picking up litter on the beach.  They proudly wear their 4 Oceans Group bracelets made of recycled materials from the ocean and beaches.

Shari Beard

Shari has over 30 years of expertise and understanding of the contract furniture industry with several of Houston's major furniture dealers.  She joined Sue Gorman in 2006 and continued working with Ryan and Frances Stites in 2017.  Shari's current focus is on marketing.

She enjoys living in a small town  community with her husband playing golf and attending social events.  Shari places a high value on her community involvement, which includes helping the neighborhood school children and the crisis center.


Sue Gorman

Sue retired in 2017 from the contract furniture industry. Her expertise, understanding of previous and current projects, and her relationships with manufacturers continue to be an asset to our team today. Connect with Sue below to hear past tales of her furniture life and life today enjoying retirement.

Sue did not slow down after retiring. When she is not enjoying spending time with family and friends, or traveling the world, you can find her playing Bunco or Mahjong, and enjoying great food with her Dinner Club friends. 

Felicia Youngblood

Felicia has over eighteen years of experience in the contract furniture industry focusing on project management that creates long lasting relationships with clients and team members.  Her ability to pay attention to detail makes interacting with people easy for her.

Felicia enjoys cooking, tennis, fishing, game shows and Bible Studies with her family.  She has volunteered with Child Advocates and currently serves the Senior community in her neighborhood with grocery and medication deliveries.

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