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      It all started with Sue.                                  1     9     9     4

Sue Gorman, a legend in the Houston contract furniture industry. Ask anyone for a memory of Sue and you'll be glad you did. 

A trusted advisor & friend to us all at SGA, we cherish the hard work and grit she has put into this "job" since day one.  

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Meet Our Team

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Ryan & Frances Stites packed up shop and moved from North Carolina to embark on a journey of business ownership as husband and wife.  Never a dull moment.  Trust.  

Ryan is a self processed furniture nerd and knows everyone in the business.  Over 30 years in the industry and still ticking.  Frances came with a sales background in the foodservice industry.  Known as the SGA Mule, she will singlehandedly bring you a piece of furniture or sample in a jiffy.

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